Pricing subject to site inspection, travelling distance and property actual size/ requirements.

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One bedroom studio/apartment1,4021,612
One bedroom studio/apartment + Small outdoor area1,5751,811
Two bedroom apartment1,9822,279
Two bedroom apartment + Small outdoor area2,1562,479
Two bedroom apartment + Medium outdoor area2,3752,731
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Flat / Single Level House

One bedroom flat/single house1,2081,389
One bedroom flat/single house + small outdoor area1,3581,561
Two bedroom flat/single house1,7091,965
Two bedroom flat/single house + small outdoor area1,8582,137
Two bedroom flat/single house + medium outdoor area2,0472,354
Three bedroom single level house2,0522,360
Three bedroom single level house + small outdoor area2,2022,532
Three bedroom single level house + medium outdoor area2,4232,786
Three bedroom single level house + large outdoor area2,6693,069
Four bedroom single level house2,4112,772
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Terrace House

Two bedroom terrace1,8992,184
Three bedroom terrace2,2512,589
Three bedroom terrace + small outdoor area2,4132,775
Three bedroom terrace + medium outdoor area2,6173,009


Small Outdoor Area includes two outdoor chairs and one table.

Medium Outdoor Area includes one two seater couch, two armchairs and one table.

Large Outdoor Area includes large size couch, armchairs and table that occupy more area.